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It's all up to the Coroner's Office and police on whether any new evidence warrants any death investigation being reopened.

Who Brittany Murphy dated; list of Brittany Murphy loves, ex boyfriends; breakup rumors.

reality series when psychic Tyler Henry told her during a reading he felt a spirit was communicating that a "Brittany" in Jamie's life had been in a manipulative situation and was badly influenced by someone close to her.

"They both had similar causes of death," Winter explains.George Hickenlooper, director of the movie (for which Monjack received a writing credit) has called Monjack a "con man and a bad guy." In a post on a Hollywood movie blog shortly after her death, Hickenlooper wrote, "I only hope that this creep wasn't instrumental in her sad demise."A list of various misdeeds didn't help Monjack's image: Following his wife's death, Monjack gave an interview to Radar Online to defend himself."I think the biggest misconception is that I was living off my wife," he said.Had they taken her to a doctor or a hospital, it would have been treatable."Of course, there is a big difference between her loved ones exercising poor judgment and not getting Brittany to a doctor as she struggled to breathe in her final hours and actual criminal behavior. News' investigation, the LAPD never investigated her death as anything but accidental.Despite questions about Monjack's personal character, a law enforcement source familiar with the case tells E!

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One outspoken skeptic is respected forensic pathologist Dr.

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