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I quickly hung up the phone thinking something was wrong. ” my wife shows me this plastic stick with two lines on it. I remember hearing his heart beat for the first time. (I cried like a baby.) I couldn’t believe this was real. They took Noah out to weigh him, and I asked if I could come with them and take a picture of Noah on the scale. There were supposed to be bubble gum cigars, streamers, balloons, laughing. Sobbing is the very last thing you’re supposed to do when your child is born. I remember stepping out into the hall way with my father in law (my father had passed away a few years prior) grabbing him, and the two of us just weeping together. I had only seen my father-in-law tear up a few times before. There are no words to describe how it sounded, and I hope I never have to hear a sound like that again. I could write forever about that first night, but I think you probably have an idea of how it went.

So to kill time we went to Target and just walked around until they closed. I couldn’t stop thinking about what Noah was going to be like. If I was going to faint once Abbie started to go into labor. I have a weak stomach for stuff like that.) We finally made our way back to the pre-labor room where they induced Abbie. From that point forward I feel like my entire life has been in fast forward. Thankfully they had a curtain up that allowed me to only to see my beautiful wife’s face. I remember wondering all my life what it would be like in that room. I wondered if my wife was going to be in extreme pain. So I jokingly said, After all, all she was going to do was tell us congratulations and talk “doctor talk” with my wife, there wasn’t any need for me come sit by my wife. And I was very comfortable on the couch with my mother. I jumped up off the couch and in the 1/2 of a second that it took me to get to her bed from the couch was trying to figure out what just happened. I can close my eyes and it’s like I’m standing right there…. They wanted us to see the pediatrician, and for her to tell us Noah was born with Down syndrome, before we saw our son up close and personal.

I LOVED getting to see Noah on the screen as they preformed ultrasounds. I seriously thought I was going to pass out; right there in the hospital! I got to hold our little tiny adorable baby Noah for the very first time! Please be sure to connect with us (and thousands of other amazing families) on Noah’s Dad Facebook page, and follow Noah’s Dad on Twitter.

I absolutely loved going to Abbie’s OBGYN appointments. She palmed his little head like a basketball, and lifted him above the sheet, and at on December 15, 2010, I saw our beautiful son, Noah David Smith, for the first time. After a few minutes one of the nurses came over and handed me our son. We believe that he has a story worth sharing, and we hope you’ll help us share his story; the story that all children (regardless of a disability) are so worth loving.

Noah was 36 weeks old at this point, and the OBGYN said she wanted us to come in first thing the next morning to induce labor. I can’t wait to meet this kid.” We went to one of our favorite local mexican restaurants, Posados, and had one last meal as a “child-less” (no-child-out-of-the-womb) couple. Finally we were in our room surrounded by parents, presents. We were so happy and blessed that everything had gone off without a hitch. After two hours of waiting my wife called the nurses station and was told everything was ok, and they would be bringing Noah in soon. I felt like someone had sucker punched me directly in the heart. Finally, she asked if we had any other questions (we had a million, but what we really wanted to do is just see our little boy.) and told us they would be brining Noah in to see us = shortly.

We had no idea that last meal was actually the last meal for our life as we knew it. It was a Wednesday night, and the hospital seemed busy so I thought nothing of it. By this point friends that had stopped by had left, Abbie was completely exhausted, and all we wanted to do was hold our little boy. It is interesting to note that we later learned that this was the reason they rushed Abbie to her room without getting to get a good look at her baby in the nursery, and hadn’t brought him to the room yet.

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Abbie and I spent much of that ten months creating “Noah” in our minds. (I’d learn very soon what all that whispering was about.) I took pictures, and reported back to my wife everything I saw. Then she asked my wife if she’d like some antidepressants. I just couldn’t get over how “un-positive ” everyone was.

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