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Ethnically, we have many solid parishioners who have descended from Holland, but we also happily boast of our French, Italian, Maltese, Portuguese, and Spanish speaking parishioners.

Descendants of the early Irish and Scottish settlers are also well represented.

We have beautified the inside of the church so that the atmosphere provides a certain respite from the frantic demands and noise of the world.

We are reintroducing some traditional devotions and taking away those things that have mistakenly enabled so many in today’s culture to fall away from regular practice of religion.

A married couple is not required to have children, but the Church teaches that if there is no reason not to have children that married couples should have children.

Having children allows us to participate as co-creators with God and is one of the greatest gifts given by God.

Catherine’s and continues to be a great asset to the parish.

It is a union that God has brought together and no person is able to dissolve that union.

Marriage, also known as matrimony, is a sacrament in the Catholic Church; it is the union of one male to one female in order to come closer to God and is the appropriate venue in which to bear children.

Marriage is a sacred covenant between each spouse with each other and with God.[widgets_on_pages id="In Post Ad"] A sacrament is an outward expression of inward grace.

The hope and vision of a transforming spiritual renewal in this age of consumerism and secularization might seem lofty and unrealistic to some, but we are witnessing the beginnings of it firsthand, before our very eyes.

An annulment is a formal declaration by the Church that there was never a valid sacramental marriage between the man and woman from the very beginning of the marriage.

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