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[Similarly] I think there are people who are marriage counselors, therapists, psychologists ... Only now people get a divorce rather than spend a lifetime in a marriage that is a bad fit, unhealthy or just an honest mistake.people who study and practice within the space of relationships and give wonderful, credible, effective advice. And while he’d met some very attractive women, he hadn’t met any that shared his values of honesty and dependability. Especially one who was never any trouble, never complained, never wanted anything, was loving, supportive and happy, drama-free and drop-dead gorgeous. But despite the gift (and burden) of choice, many of us have great misconceptions about marriage and those misconceptions are what drive our divorce rates and marital disasters.Truth be told, everyone, and I mean every ethnic group, has been facing substantial changes as it relates to relationships.

First dates are often boring, awkward, unexciting, and even torturous to many men.

there are more white women that are single in this country than black women. When you look at another part of the conversation -- black men always dating outside the race -- [you'll find that] black men date outside of the race at lower rates than other ethnic groups, such as Asians.

So part of how we get out of that conversation, and how we evolve to another level of more effective conversation, is by looking at some of the real data points outside of our ethnic group. We have literally one out of three daters that are single parents. Personality is really important in terms of having a full conversation with someone.

It significantly challenges how you interact with someone when you have a child. real substantive points that can make you effective in your relationships. " The average single has not been on one date in the last two years. You try things that you've never tried before, but also focus on yourself. Do you know what your non-starters are, those things that you would never get into a relationship with someone who has those?

So race aside, what are the biggest hinderances that you experience in trying to find matches for people? We are getting a couple hundred people to come out to all these events and even though they're in different cities ... When you start breaking it down based on age, based on profession, a lot of professional women have not been on dates in the last five to six years. If you're asthmatic [for example], and they are a smoker you'd never get into a relationship with a smoker. More than two million people in the United States get married every year.

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