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If you want to appeal your residency status, complete the residency questionnaire at Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board: Q: How do I apply for financial aid? We will automatically mail you any additional information that you need to apply. You should not wait until you have been admitted to complete the FAFSA. A: Each entering student is automatically considered for a scholarship. All applications are reviewed with an eye toward granting a Dean's Scholarship, renewable based on performance for the three years you are here. You can find additional information at A: At least two letters of recommendation are required, and you may submit up to three. Also, remember to proofread your information very carefully! Q: How tough is it to be accepted as an out-of-state student? A: We do not consider residency as a factor in the application review process. A: If you have lived in Texas all your life but left to attend school outside Texas, you are probably a Texas resident. Regular decision applicants should expect to receive a decision by mid-May if applying to the full-time program, and by mid to late July if applying to the part-time program. If you are within the range where we have admitted in the past, you have a competitive chance. Typically the lowest LSAT we accept is in the mid-140s.

Also, we have no context for considering and comparing graduate grades. A: For all of the joint degree programs, you need to apply to both our program and theirs and be accepted by both.

You should approach it as an opportunity to interview with the committee. If you have committed crimes less than a felony, there is no waiting period. with the University of Calgary Faculty of Law through UHLC's International Energy Lawyers Program; and a J.

You may write about your special skills, advanced degrees, work experiences, personal challenges you have overcome, and professionally related extracurricular activities. In a separate statement of no more than 1 page, you may want to explain any blemishes in your record. Always feel free to contact the Board of Law Examiners. A: As a state institution, our non-resident enrollment is limited to 35% of the student body.

If you have moved here and have been gainfully employed in Texas for one year prior to the start of classes, you are probably a Texas resident.

If you moved here to attend school or you have not worked full-time for one year, you are probably not a Texas resident.

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