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Still lots of opportunity for some late night horizontal jogging though if you play your cards right.

Our advanced geolocation and matching software will pair you to your matches Australia wide. The atmosphere we supply is one of no expectations.

Would be rude to send them all back home without experiencing Ireland to it's full and The Temple Bar is the best spot for mingling.

Extra bonus marks if an American asks you for a ride without knowing the true meaning.

Filled full of models, celebs, rugby players and other beautiful young things all looking for one thing.

When discussing this list internally we all agreed on one thing... Probably no better place to be looking now that the sun is coming out than down at the pav. Not sure how long "where the gang still go" tagline has been on the go at this stage but after several refits, years of marketing and countless rides Tamango isn't going anywhere. Nobody had heard of it just over a year ago but by some accounts there are over 300,000 Irish people using Tinder to find love and more likely..get the ride.

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