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For example, he doesn't need to be waterboarded in order to know in his gut that it isn't torture, and that following up on his promise to go through the process would only take valuable airtime away from his incisive coverage of Obama putting Dijon mustard on his burger.

Unlike his bald mentor Rush Limbaugh, Hannity has a lush head of firmly bolted hair that generally gives him between 1.5 - 1.8 inches of forehead.

These new memberships and clubs, which focus on offering services to readers that are largely different than a pay wall, are a byproduct of declining advertising revenues.

As a result of that lost income, news organizations are looking at new ways of generating revenue from readers.

It behooves the industry and the New York Times to think of ways to replace some traditional revenue streams using that same thinking.

After one angry phone call from the Liberal media headquarters, the station fired Sean.The lowest priced fare was ,619 in Canadian dollars, which included round-trip airfare, airport transfers and the cruise. The 2008 Globe and Mail Cruise sold out all 500 slots [PDF file], and included celebrity chefs, travel sponsors and the newspaper’s publisher, editor in chief, and key columnists on board.Janet Robinson confirmed that the paper is looking to roll out more reader-oriented services and affinity programs.I know this because I saw all three of them having a pissing contest in a men's restroom once.Contrary to allegations made by Democrats and puppy killers, Sean does not steal the content of his show from The Greatest President’s talking points.

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