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If you're going to bring it up to him, you need to be calculated in how you do so.Don't pull the self-righteous card, as there's nothing guys hate hearing more than "I don't deserve this," or "This isn't the way you treat a woman."Live outside the absolutes, and be clear and direct. Or don't do that, fake smile, shake it off and maybe just be happy he's not on Bumble. We're all so stuck on the tit-for-tat behavior, I think we're unknowingly sabotaging relationships sometimes.Plus, who wants to see if someone you just left a date with is already logged in again 15 minutes later?What you're doing gives him opportunity to find another one of those people. His reasons might not be as sinister as I'm making it out to be, and I hope they're not. To Not a Trump Fan, While your political instincts are sharp and need no seasoning, your social intuition may very well benefit from some touching up.Regardless, though, he has to get rid of Tinder, without question. You've been far too generous at this point, and you need to stand up for yourself. Apologies for being rude, but you need someone to just come out and say it.So this year, I'm just gonna go ahead and hit Delete when I feel like I've found someone really promising.After all, if he doesn't feel the same, I can always log back on. Tell me what types of things you guys are doing differently this year.

He's met my parents, I've met his and we've seriously spoken about marrying one another when we're (financially) ready. It's not something he's intentionally tried to hide from me.One of my best friends used the app “for fun” every time he left the city, so he would never encounter one of his girlfriend's friends on the app. You mention that his reasons for using the app could serve as an ego boost, but in the prior sentence, you mention that him using the app makes you feel insecure. If there's nothing better out there, he'll stay with you. That's what you're putting out there by accepting this behavior. But I love and respect my fiancée too much to even flirt with that idea.Are sacrificing your own confidence to give him an undeserved ego boost? Because your man wants his cake, and he wants to eat it too. He has you as his constant, loving wifey, all while casually perusing the veritable landscape of potential mates on Tinder. We collectively romanticize the idea of “the one” when seeking romance, but the truth of the matter is, there are many compatible mates out there for all of us. Since you two are talking marriage when you're more financially stable, I'd like to think you deserve that same respect.He might not see his behavior for what it is, but this is how it's being regarded from the outside. I've done it, but my other wasn't significant, and we'd MET on the damn thing. What we can explore, though, is he's still swiping left and right, at least from a practical perspective.If none of that works, ask him how he'd feel if you did the same. I was trying to recall a conversation we had, and she still got pissed. You feel like he shouldn't have one while you're dating. Maybe he's just being annoying and not actually being unfaithful, but his intentions are to talk to other women. The truth is, Tinder starts to hide your profile if you become inactive, and it takes prolonged use to get your profile back in circulation once you start using again. Then, if something happens to you guys, that leaves him on the bottom of the Tinder barrel.

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