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I’m really excited about getting started, about showcasing and celebrating local people’s skills and talents through our products and about working with lots of great local people along the way!

If there was one thing you could ask for from a Hub member, what would it be?

Welcome to Web Chat, a way for you to talk to us online and ask the questions you want answered!

Web chat sessions are pre-scheduled and run between certain times on certain days.

Info: follow The Rooted Project on Twitter or Instagram; uk LUCY WHITEHOUSE, Fumble Lucy is the co-founder of Fumble, a digital media platform providing sex and relationships education content to young people in a fun, engaging and shareable way. Telling people about Fumble is always endlessly motivating, because everyone is so on board with how important it is.

I will be kicking [things] off by working with local older people to create a range of super soft organic handknitted baby booties, each with a personal note about its maker.And if striking up random conversations in the hot desking area isn’t your thing, there’s always a chance to chat during the Wednesday tea and cake sessions, Friday communal lunches or evening drinks.We’re pleased to say that some lovely new people have joined the party at Hub Brixton in the last few months, so we thought we’d introduce some of them.“Most importantly, it requires community participation and changes in attitude.” So activists and local groups are working in rural communities to raise awareness about the new law.In their own ways, they are creating dialogue and spreading the message about the end of child marriage.

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