Lack of confidence in dating

Did you know both men and women prefer to date someone who has confidence?

Plus, exercise relieves stress and releases endorphins that help you feel good naturally.5. If you want to be treated right, start by treating yourself well! Have you ever wanted to learn how to paint, speak French, or know about ancient history? Leading a rich and interesting life helps you feel more confident about who you are and what you have to offer the opposite sex.7. This may sound too simple, but it's totally true. And if you smile at the men who walk past you, you could make his day and yours! But how often to you praise yourself for a job well done?

So, as a single woman looking for love, find ways to shore up your confidence to heighten your desirability.

Check out these 10 tips to boost your self-confidence.1. Many women don't change their hair style for five or more years at a time.

These positive thoughts about your life build self confidence.

Start a gratitude ritual by journaling what you are grateful for or saying your list aloud upon waking or before falling asleep.

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