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With the front seat adjusted for a driver six feet tall, the back is pretty tight, but once you wedge yourself into place it’s acceptably comfortable.

While the Mazda tries to win the youth vote, the Cobalt LT cabin seems designed for those who’d really rather have a Buick.

The Ecotec four has a hollow, metallic whine that acts like a disapproving scowl from your mother-in-law and causes an involuntary lifting reflex of the throttle foot.

When the revs are down and you’re just cruising, the Cobalt is very quiet, but the 3 was the car in which we were more likely to drift over our self-imposed–and considerably higher than posted–speed limit.

(A supercharged, 205-hp, 2.0-liter is reserved for the Cobalt SS coupe.) Due to its luxury model ambitions, the LT only comes with an automatic; lesser Cobalt four-doors offer a five-speed stick.

The Cobalt LT easily surpasses the Mazda 3s in the standard equipment department: The LT includes antilock brakes (albeit on a disc/drum set-up versus the Mazda’s all-disc), traction control, and heated leather seats. Our additions of an MP3 and XM satellite radio (0, and 5, respectively) to the standard AM/FM/CD stereo; an On Star (5); a rear spoiler (a dubious 5 expenditure); and side curtain air bags (well worth 5, we’d say) brought the total to ,600.

While our car’s two-tone beige leather and low cowl made it seem bright and airy compared with the black cave of the Mazda 3, the greater contrast is in the design itself.

The LT’s plentiful plasti-wood and sober chrome-ringed gauges make it about as hip as Lawrence Welk.

Starting at ,160 (with destination), our test car climbed to ,750 thanks to the automatic transmission (0); antilock brakes, side air bags, and side curtain air bags (what should be called the Life is Worth Living Package 0) and a power moonroof and six-disc CD changer combo (0).Similarly, though back seat at first appears to offer reasonably generous space–more than the Mazda, the seat cushion is so low and the under-thigh support so scant that it’s far less comfortable than the Mazda’s tighter perch.Those more likely to stash kids than adults in back, however, should note that the Cobalt has three, rather than two, sets of LATCH child-seat mounting anchors, unusual in a small car.Like the Mazda, the Chevy’s driver seat has height and lumbar adjustments, and the steering wheel–also leather-wrapped, also with audio controls–tilts but doesn’t telescope.Also like the Mazda, the Cobalt’s stalks and switches move nicely, its controls are clear, and its HVAC is blessedly straightforward (one area where less-expensive cars regularly outshine their fancier brethren).

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