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Thanks for the links, though neither addressed my problem.The result is that as an organiser you have no way to tell if people will attend or not.I have a desktop Pc and a laptop Pc with Office 2013.I want to export the contacts fra from the desktop to the laptop and when I export to a csv file on the desktop the e-mail adresses is missing in the file. When I import it on the laptop names, phonenumbers,...If the tracking feature is not broken, you’ll see the following message icons in front of a received tracking report; Delivery Report Non Delivery Report (NDR) Message Read Notice Message Deleted Without Being Read Notice Recall Failure Report Recall Successful Report If you received a message with any of the above icons, then the tracking feature will work and you’ll see the following icon on your sent item in the Sent Items folder; Tracking icon for Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010 Tracking icon for Outlook 2003 and previous If you see that icon on your sent item, double click the item to open it in its own window and you’ll see a “Tracking” button in the “Show” group (Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010) or the “Tracking” tab (Outlook 2003 and previous); In Outlook 2003 and previous, incoming reports sometimes need to be processed manually.Processing reports manually is as simple as selecting the report in your Inbox folder (don’t move it to another folder), mark it as read and then delete it.There are a whole bunch of reasons why a Read Receipt may not been received.When a user with full access to a different mailbox sends invitations to meetings and receives replies Outlook is not always updating the tracking records. There seems to be no pattern to this - not particular people, not particular times of day, nothing specific about the meeting.

If the report somehow got broken, then a regular message icon will be displayed instead; Unread message Read message When the report gets broken, you cannot fix it anymore.I've also checked the Free/Busy options for the Update Free/Busy time to server and all looks configured properly. I tried google and couldn't find anything usefull to try.I’m trying to use the tracking feature to ensure my mail is actually being delivered.I have a problem using outlook 2013 for my email, it wont show any email after june of this year even though the web app has the mail and i can read it from the browser.My Gmail account displays all the mails fine, its just my microsoft email that is causing the problem. Hi there I usually try out stuff for quite a while - but OUTLOOK 2013 is a DISASTER -- create a new folder but I can't copy stuff to local folders --it says Inbox with say 20 emails in it but clicking on the email it's EMPTY. Stuff stays in a new folder in the IMAP folder - not in a LOCAL...

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