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When the big rains come each afternoon this town battens down like a ship in heavy seas.

The safari outfitters and souvenir stalls close early, since there are no clients anyway, while street vendors race to pack their trinkets in the downpour.

A few bone fragments from both women were eventually recovered and genetically matched to the victims, but forensics experts said the pulverized remains weren’t sufficient to determine the cause of death.

Prosecutor’s in Panama officially ruled the deaths accidental, although no detailed explanation or hypothesis was ever released.

The woman claimed to have found the pack while tending to her rice paddy, about five miles from where the victims were last seen, on the banks of a powerful river locals call the Culebra, or Serpent.

The pack was wedged into a mess of flotsam on the bank, the Ngobe woman said, and she was sure it hadn’t been there the day before.

He’s also one of the last people to see the women alive.

He doesn’t answer his phone at first, so I keep trying, hoping to get through before the next squall.

In addition to a trove of documents and photographs revealing hitherto unexamined aspects of the case, The Daily Beast has consulted several top sleuths in fields as varied as wilderness survival and photographic analysis, including forensic anthropologist and best-selling author Kathy Reichs.******BOQUETE, Panama — Another day, another deluge.

Murder allegations surfaced, but authorities denied requests for a criminal investigation. When the torrential rain slackens, and cell-phone service resumes in Boquete, I call on a source I’ve been trying to track down for days.

The lack of transparency, evidence, and proper police work—coupled with the victims’ unexplained disappearance—raise disturbing, still unanswered questions. The man is a local rancher and part-time guide, who has asked not to be identified in this story for security reasons.

“If they’d just written one sentence or sent somebody a text—everything might have been different.”After a 10-day search using dogs, helicopters, and ground teams failed to turn up any leads, SINAPROC curtailed its efforts.

A Dutch team brought in its own trained dogs near the end of May, but efforts were stifled by heavy rains, and the team went home empty handed. A couple of months after the searches had ended, in mid-June of 2014, a Ngobe woman from a village called Alto Romero walked into the local police station with Lisanne Froon’s backpack.

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And the poor policing wasn’t limited to the search area itself.

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