Samoan dating customs

The reason that the people who had some get-up-and-go got up and went was not a blanket acceptance, love and respect for their Samoaness, that’s why they changed their identity and left – they didn’t want the Samoan ways any more.

This is not spoken about in Samoa, obviously, but that’s why virtually all aspects of their life and living changed when they left.

The Maori culture is basically derived from Samoan.

No Maori wants to admit that but the language is almost identical; they are both Polynesian and before they took on their own identity in New Zealand they were Samoans way back when.

If you think that mankind lived a peaceful life as happy Polynesians who all sat down and talked their issues through like mature people you’d be wrong!“Everyone is equal before the law” is the phrase that summarises this thinking.We honour, respect and value the facts and the truth before who the person is, or what the context is of say, a crime.If they are Samoan then the commentary will be “Oh that’s so bad for Samoa” and then more specifically, “That family is no good” or perhaps, “That family is powerful or respected” are the phrases used to describe this thinking. When your uncle is the High Chief it’s your right to use that relationship for your benefit.To the Western mindset this is situational ethics where a relationship comes above truth and what we perceive as justice. Likewise when someone else benefits from a relationship with someone in power they accept this as “just the way it is” and generally do nothing other than wait their turn or opportunity to have influence.

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