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FEATURES: TRACK YOUR PACKAGES Get push notifications when a package is shipped, out for ...Things like: -Access to Tokii Labs Expert advice Columns - Access to Tokii Dating, for the inside track to all your dating questions and dilemmas - Access to all the Tokii Tales Library, read all our sultry diaries alone or share them and act the stories out!I had picked him up from the airport, and since I was finally of legal drinking age, I couldn’t wait to take him out and show him a rowdy good time.I ended up dancing on the bar a la “Coyote Ugly.” Both of us played a drunken game of Rock, Paper, Scissors to see who would pay for the cab home.

That evening we all went out for Thai food, a family favorite.

Caleb and I always laughed it off until one weekend, when I was 21, he came to visit.

Caleb and I had partied our brains out the first night.

After a rough and embarrassing morning-after, we had a talk and decided that nothing happened between us.

He says that since he was out of the house at 18 and never really knew her as his "sister" that this is OK.

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