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I can totally see why because who doesn’t love her great sense of color?!Plus she gives really clear tutorials for stitch patterns that can be used any number of ways.I have to admit that it probably tastes so good because there’s half a cup of sugar in there. I made a paleo chocolate fudge pie last year that was delicious but I love this one even more. You can leave out the pie all day at room temperature and it doesn’t melt. Or just bypass the Easter thing and decorate with berries.;) The second reason I’m so excited about this pie that I can’t sleep and am writing this post at 3am is because of the filling. It’s certainly the easiest route and is also super tasty.The only nut product used in this recipe is almond butter in the crust, but if you use sunflower seed butter, then this vegan chocolate cream pie recipe is nut-free.I’m also excited to be sharing this Gluten-free Vegan Egg Replacer from Bob’s Red Mill with you!

First of all, after making what I’m guessing to be over 200 grain-free crusts the last few years, I finally came up with one I love! It’s kind of soft, so it’s not crunchy like an Oreo crust, but something between that and a brownie. This vegan chocolate cream pie is one giant blob of brown so if you feel like livening it up, you’ve got a few options for decorating.

So I’ll just say if you need this pie to be paleo, you can use a chia egg or a regular egg if you don’t need the pie to be vegan.

Like all other egg replacers (at least all the ones I’ve come across), it doesn’t work in recipes that require you to beat eggs (like angel food cake or meringue) but I’ve had a great experience with it so far!

I’ve linked to the original pattern source but of course you can easily find the patterns on Ravelry as well.

3 of the top ten most popular free crochet patterns come from Lucy of Attic 24.

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