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I want to be an artist and fashion designer like I want to make my hobby as my profession . as I know that there is no more space and praise left for artistic people , so I choose to go as Care-aid in future along with it. I do like to click pictures, photographs of natural beauty.furthermore, I do write poetry in my mother tongue “Punjabi” . There's a lot more but you'll have to message me to find out. When I do pay for this site I will write a full bio.

Only two encounters with women..want to find the one that I fit with well with. I do like cats but cannot have one or be around one...serious allergy to them I am sad to say.

I live with one of my best friends and 2 ferrets that i love verry much. I am taking a year off and doing single contract work with two clients..out is a bitch. I love being at home with my dog but have know to go on fun adventures. I do not do games not into materialistic peeps..substance of a person is what is meaningful to me.

QUALITIES: So, It is very hard to explain myself for me because I’m quite a shy ,calm, polite,flexible,friendly in 2nd or 3rd round and cool type of girl .

Love romance, sensuality and am very focused on building a relationship mixed with friendship, communication and honesty.

Am an artist (not a crazy one :p) I am pretty down to earth :) I have never used a dating app as i don't ofter use the computer outside of school. I love being outdoors, volunteering and spontanious adventures.

More interesting thing is that I am cute and nice person , that’s what my friends say . so about my friends, I don’t like to make more friends and I try not to make my friend circle complicated .

I do like camping and try to do new things like exploring new places, (restaurants) ,different new foods , new dares to life etc. infamy has its advantages Successful, ambitious, free-spirit.

I am also terrible at playing board games with friends, but play them anyway - because I am not a quitter.

I'm simple and complex, fun and serious, kind and fierce.

I’m not much more into beauty products (face powder, lipstick and stuff)although I do care of my hair. Enjoy a good political debate and keeping up with current and world events. Compassionate about advocating for people or animals that can't advocate for themselves: cares about humanity of others. Feels excitement and wonderment of life when travelling or backpacking throughout countries-loves to take risks and is a thrill seeker. I work hard at my job, and take care of myself physically.

M hobbies are to make painting, drawing ,sketches, portraits etc that I acquired it genetically by birth from my Grandpa ,so there were no basic knowledge needed as I do what my mind says in art work. Life is an adventure to me and I make sure to explore every part of nature, cultures and people. I love to go to new and exciting places and also re-visit the places that fill me with joy. I am close with my family and have a great group of friends. I like going dancing occasionally and not taking myself too seriously.

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