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These shifts in personal reality seem fascinating to Cronenberg. It is about how people turn out the way they do, and about whether the world sometimes functions like a fool's paradise.

I never give a moment's thought about finding water to drink.

Since I am wandering, let me wander farther: At the Toronto Film Festival I saw a screening of "Nanook of the North," the great documentary about Eskimos surviving in the hostile arctic wilderness. Of the three levels "A History of Violence" refers to, I think Cronenberg is most interested in the third, in the survival of the fittest.

In a small Indiana town, Tom Stall (Viggo Mortensen) runs one of those friendly little diners that acts as the village crossroads and clearing-house.

He's the kind of guy everybody likes, married to a lawyer named Edie (Maria Bello), father of the teenager Jack (Ashton Holmes) and young Sarah (Heidi Hayes). They have guns, mean business, threaten the customers and a waitress.

Tom Stall, as it turns out, has a secret he has been guarding for 20 years.

He is not named Tom Stall but Joey, is not from Indiana but from Philadelphia, has tried to start a new life in a small town and failed because of this unexpected publicity.

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