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There was his father’s unrelenting criticism, his mother’s soft hand, his desire to perfect his skills, until he was spotted by a Manchester United scout at the age of 11.“Even then, I knew exactly what I wanted to be,” he tells me.If he reportedly apartment-hunts in Miami—where he hopes to establish a new MLS franchise—it sparks rumbles and rumors.Even three years out of playing, it’s as if he’s Ra, the Sun God.because I believe him, even though he lives in a stratum of fame only conceivable by a couple of dozen people on the planet, one being his wife, Victoria.

That is, beyond the game (and face) that made him famous, as he’s entered fully into fatherhood and the next phase, we’ve begun to see more of the man behind the fabulation, the real flesh and blood behind the media-confected Becks.

At the unfussy pub—Beckham’s “local”—my first real impression of the corporeal Becks is that he seems a little shy, ever that working-class East London lad who learned a long time ago not to speak a load of rubbish unless upping for a big, old wedgie.

He also gives off the air of a regular, juggling parent.

“Everybody thinks it’s fancy restaurants and fancy bottles of red wine,” he says. Maybe as much as each tattoo possesses a story, they’re also a means of distraction.

“I love red wine, but I’ve always preferred this.” “This” ostensibly being the camaraderie and simplicity of the pub, where the waitress is like a bustling house mum, brassy, uncowed, with an egalitarian’s blunt officiousness, directed at everyone, even David Beckham. ’ But she knows it makes me happy.”He says this as he tilts forward, protecting his dodgy back a little, calibrating his voice to the noise of the room. Drawing the eye away from the physical specimen of Beckham himself: the strong, furrowed forehead, the shaped, expressive brows, the ovoid face containing ovoid hazel eyes, the rakish smile, the straight nose and square jaw, and the hair in all its myriad plumages, all these features in some perfectly shaken and stirred proportion, with intimations of other faces you’ve seen—Kurt Cobain, Orlando Bloom, Ryan Reynolds, Heath Ledger, etc. Hence: the magazine covers and ad campaigns and tabloid gossip.

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There were kickabouts in the park and pickup games, and then club games that became more and more serious.

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