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In addition, you can respond to events through the Armory’s calendar interface – which will then become effective in-game.Like guild banks, player calendars are a login-protected feature.Beginning with World of Warcraft, the new account grants access to Blizzard Entertainment games, websites, and online services - all with a single e-mail address and password.Once you have merged a World of Warcraft account into a account, you can log in to the Armory using the account's login information.): You can export your character information and calendar events to other websites and applications using the Armory's new customization tools.These features can be accessed through a logged-in character profile or through the Armory's main navigation menu.

At the bottom of the page you'll find the exact mathematical formula used in the rating calculator, as well as an explanation of how arena ratings and points work in general.Your character must have been granted guild bank permissions by your guild master to view the contents and transaction logs of your Guild Bank.With the click of a button, add the World of Warcraft Armory search field to your browser for instant Armory access from anywhere on the web!You can calculate the number of arena points you'll receive each week based on your team's rating, and you can calculate exactly how long it will take you to earn enough points to purchase an item you want.Choose one of the three useful calculators to help you answer the following questions: For your convenience, if you have a profile bookmarked, many of the fields in the calculator will be automatically populated with your current arena statistics (Opera and Safari currently not supported).

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Here are some of the features of the Armory’s player calendar: A new Guild Bank system has been introduced to World of Warcraft.

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